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Costa Rica

Prof. Mag. Herta Meirer, Kinesiologie und Lernpädagogik, balances her husband on a special ski-day in Matrei, Tirol, Austria. It was taken at the Großglockner Ski Resort. In the background, you can see the highest mountain of Austria: the Großglockner.

Grossglockner (English)

Großglockner (Deutsch)

Grossglockner - Wikipedia

A month later, Herta sends us her photo while touring in Costa Rica. Here she is on the Pacific coast self balancing with the muscle dance.

From snow and cold, to warm in the sun, looks like the best of both worlds!!

Costa Rica
Costa Rica - Wikipedia

New York City

Gail traces a meridian on the Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan skyline behind her. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most recognizable in the world with its stately columns and dramatic suspension cables.

There is a walkway and bikeway across the bridge. Even on a cold December day, the bridge was crowded. There are dramatic views of skylines and sights all around.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, - Wikipedia

John Roebling was the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge and oversaw its 16-year construction between 1869-1883 but died from a construction injury and did not see its completion.

Before Roebling designed the Brooklyn Bridge, he designed and built the Roebling Suspension Bridge between 1856-57 which connects Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky (the site of the 2006 TFHKA annual conference).



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