Balance the World
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Zurich Airport In January 2010, Earl traveled to Zurich and Basel, Switzerland to attend the 3rd TFH Conference hosted by Ueli Meir-Estrada and friends.

Gail had asked Earl to bring back a 'Balancing the World Photo' from Switzerland. However, he was now in the Zurich airport and about to leave the country without a photo!

After walking the maze of the airport and going up and up several times, it was now time to go down again! A perfect time for an Emotional Stress Release!

It was sunrise as the sun was coming up over the distant Alps. The light was shining in through the large Flughafen Zurich windows as Earl paused briefly for the ESR.

TFH Skit in Zurich Bob Returns!

At the Switzerland conference, Earl presented eTouch for Health at work by using the skit from Malibu with Dr. Stanley, Esmerelda and Bob.

Matthew Thie was kind enough to sit in for Gail in the role of Esmerelda and played a hilarious part!

In each of the times this skit has been performed, Bob has become the mascot of the conference! Many of the subsequent speakers had their photos taken with Bob as he managed to get into their presentation somehow. : )

Long story, however, if you would ever like to see Bob and Esmerelda showing eTouch at work, please request it!

Group at Serra Retreat

Here are students from Matthew Thie's TFH Intensive Training class held at beautiful Serra Retreat in Malibu, California.

Serra is a very special place for us. This is where Dr. John Thie loved to teach in his later years and where we trained with him. It is also where Matthew Thie now teaches. So, it is always wonderful to receive photos from Serra.

Thanks folks!!!

Matthew and Claudia in China

Matthew Thie and fiance, Claudia, on the Great Wall of China. They visited China and Matthew spoke at a local university in a well-attended presentation. There is renewed interest in China of our Touch for Health techniques that are largely based on Eastern techniques.

For years, it seems the East has not been impressed with what we have been doing, but with a younger generation becoming interested, they are beginning to see what we have accomplished in the West. It is interesting see the circle completed.

Great Wall of China

Matthew & Chris in China

Matthew balancing Chris Wong of Shenzen, China while visiting the Great Wall of China.

Conference balance

The IKC World Conference was held October 7-10, 2010 in Kyoto, Japan. Here, Etsuko Kureda balances Keita Saito.

Keita won an IKC award for his work in innovating and energizing TFH in Japan and was a speaker at the conference. He is the founder of Kineseedlight, Ltd.

Kyoto - World Heritage Map

International Kinesiology College

Conference balance

Yokino Saito balances Sayuri Ishimori, from Saitama, Japan, while John Thie seems to look on in approval.

Earl at Temple

Near this spot on Mount Kurama is where legend says that Mao-son, the great king of the conquerors of evil and the spirit descended upon the Earth 6 million years ago with the mission of salvation of mankind. The mountain has multiple temples and many shrines built along the beautiful winding paths through the forest.

This is also close by to where Dr. Mikao Usui first received the Reiki energy. He later founded the Reiki system of natural healing after fasting for 21 days here.

Mount Kurama

Earl by canal in Japan

Testing the anterior serratus muscle on the Lung Meridian along the Path of Philosophy in Kyoto. This canal runs a short distance of the north eastern side of Kyoto and connects multiple temples, shrines and gardens. It is a beautiful walk and a great place for pondering life's wonders.

Path of Philosophy

Kyoto Walking Tour - Philosopher's Path

Earl in Japan


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