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Berlin Germany

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, (Brandenburger Tor), is a grand symbol of where a division in the world existed that is no longer there. The Berlin Wall ran through here and divided East and West before it was torn down in 1989.

Nora Grigoriadis (left) and Christiane Wolfes are both active Touch for Health instructors for over 16 years with a private practice and Christiane operates a Kinesiology Institute in Berlin.

They send their greetings to Touch for Health Instructors all around the world.

With Love and Appreciation,
Christiane and Nora

Choi & Kenechi Hong Kong

Kenichi 'Dharma' Ishimaru gives an ESR balance to Amy Choi along Hong Kong Harbor with the skyline of the city in the background.

Kenichi is the IKC faculty member for Japan and Amy for Hong Kong. Amy is the founder of the Brain Body Centre in Hong Kong.

Kenichi, a huge admirer of John Thie's interviewing techniques for TFH goal-setting, summarized John's techniques into what he now calls, "The Zen of Kinesiology." He presented his paper at the Touch for Health Conference 2008 in Basel, Switzerland.

Hong Kong

The region of Hong Kong, located along the Pearl River Delta, consists of 262 islands and is now a specially governed region of The People's Republic of China. The name literally translates to "Fragrant Harbor" and the port is one of the deepest in the world.

The region is home to 7 million residents and, while most think of the region as highly populated, only 25% of the region is populated with the rest being set aside for parks and green spaces.

Hong Kong Travel

Wikipedia Hong Kong

Hong Kong Photos

A 14-muscle balance by the attendees of the 2007 TFH International Instructor's Retreat at Serra Retreat, Malibu, California. It was an international gathering and included:

Central: Evelyn Mulders, British Columbia, Canada tests Jane Philips, Hampshire, UK
Governing: Norma Harnack, St. Louis, Missouri tests Arlene Green, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Stomach: Richard Duree, Ashland, Oregon self tests while Jonathan Livingston, London UK takes the photo
Spleen: Lynne Gallagher, Cork, Ireland tests Earl Cook, Sandy Springs, Georiga
Heart: Brian Esty, San Francisco, California tests Matthew Thie, Los Angeles, California
Small Intestine: Roos Dekkers, Alphen, Holland tests Lauren Guentzler, Moyie Springs, Idaho
Bladder: Mary Huggins, Round Rock, Texas tests Gail Cook, Sandy Springs, Georgia
Kidney: Destine' Thie, Malibu, California tests April Davis, Panorama City, California
Circulation/Sex: Leila Turner, Neydens, France tests Hazel Miller, Clevedon, Somerset, UK
Triple Warmer: Wayne Turner, Bellingham, Wahington tests Ger Hunter, Cork Ireland
Gall Bladder: Orla Maria Brady, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland tests Adam Lehman, Sonoma, California
Liver: Steve Woodward,Goshen, Indiana tests his wife Bonnie Woodward
Lung: Sandy Gannon, Hersham, Surrey, UK tests her husband Jeff Abel
Large Intestine: Gladys de Figueroa de Diaz, Orlando, Florida tests Jeroen van Hasselt of Groningen, Holland.

Photograph by Jonathan Livingstone, London, UK

Piuma Road


Balancing in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu Canyon, California with the Pacific Ocean in the background. Evelyn Mulders of British Columbia, Canada balances Mary Huggins of Round Rock, Texas.

Evelyn is the author of the new book, Western Herbs, for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory.

Photo taken from Piuma Road.

Auricular Balance


Auricular Exercise anyone? Evelyn Mulders touches her earpoint in front of the Malibu Ear.


Alfred Manuel, on the right, balancing his friend, Si Ahmed Hamzaoui, a Gnawa Musician. They are standing in front of the famous Koutoubia Mosque located in Marrakech, Morocco.

The first photos we received from Alfred were from the Steppes of Mongolia when he was traveling with migrating Nomads and teaching them Touch for Health.

Alfred invites everyone to visit him at his clinic in Toulouse, France, and check out his new website.

Gnawa music 

Where will we see Alfred next?

Saguaro Cactus

Balancing the Heart Meridian in front of lovely Saguaro Cactus plants. These endangered cacti grow very slowly and can have stems 18-24 inches in diameter. Those with more than five arms can be 200 years old. When it rains and the cactus absorbs water, the ribs in their trunks and stems expand like an accordion to hold the water. A large Saguaro can absorb up to 1,000 lbs. of water. They can grow to be 50 feet tall.

The Saguaro is the state flower of Arizona and we were lucky to find these guys outside the Arizona Lottery building.

Sanguaro Cactus - Wikipedia

During an extremely rainy season in the desert, we once saw a field of exploded Saguaro that had absorbed too much water and had not turned off their very efficient absorption process. A lesson for us all!

Puerto Rico


Eliu and Gladys Diaz, long-time Touch for Healthers in Florida and Puerto Rico, recently found an enthusiastic audience in Venezuela. Due to their efforts, Puerto Rico is one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S. for new TFHers.



Gladys giving a balance to Dr. Aguilera at Avila Magica in Venezuela. The new park has one of the world's longest cable cars that carries you from the city of Caracas through and then beyond the Rain Forest before going up 2,350 meters (7,710 ft.).

Caracas Wikipedia

Caracas About


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