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Olympic Park Balance

One of the powers of the Touch for Health energy kinesiology balancing protocol is that it can be practiced almost anywhere.

We, Earl and Gail Cook, began the Balancing the World effort April 27, 2006, in Centennial Olympic Park standing in front of the Fountain of Rings. The rings symbolize world unity and the fountain is a favorite of visitors to the park.

We encourage the Touch for Health global community to join us by conducting a TFH balance in front of natural or man-made landmarks around the world. Please email us these photos and we will include them in this on-going project. Details below.

We sincerely feel that TFH balances make the world a better to place to live for all.

Atlanta, Georgia, April 27, 2006. Fountain of Rings in Centennial Olympic Park CNN world headquarters in background.

Balance at Serra

Matthew Thie balances one of his students while in front of the statue of Franciscan Friar, Father Junipero Serra (1713-1784), the founder of the 1st California Missions.

Father Serra founded the 1st of CA missions in San Diego in 1769, when he was 56 years old. Serra himself established nine missions with twenty-one missions eventually being established along 700 miles of the El Camino Real from San Diego to Sonoma.

This was part of a TFH Intensive Training held at beautiful Serra Retreat in Malibu, California. This is a special spot for many people, including us, because this is where we were able to meet Dr. Thie, his wife, Carrie, and sons, Matthew and Luther.

The 'Point' at Serra Retreat, Malibu, California. The Pacific Ocean is a short distance away and the Malibu Colony is on the horizon to the right.

Ueli & Son

Landmark "Generations"

We asked for, "A photo of a special landmark, natural or man-made and something special to you...and, use your imagination."

Ueli Meier-Estrada of Basel, Switzerland did each of these and sent this photo. Ueli's special 'landmark' was fatherhood! I think this fits for both 'natural' and 'man-made' and it definitely is a special 'landmark' in one's life. Very well done, Ueli.

Ueli says, "At the moment, I have only a picture with my special 'landmark'. It is my son Jan who was born after I got many balances from John Thie on being a father. So when I balance my son Jan, I remember always the balances with John Thie. And, this is very good energy..."


Basel is Switzerland's 2nd largest city. It is located along the Rhine River where France, Germany and Switzerland meet.

An Anterior Serratus salute to the new Georgia Aquarium! Located just across the street from the Centennial Olympic Park, the aquarium is currently the largest on Earth.

The ark-shaped aquarium is home to over 100,000 animals that live in 8 million gallons of water.

Dutch Windmills

Maria Meinora went with two of her students to her favorite place: The Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands. It's a public museum of old houses and Dutch handcrafts and mills not so far away from her home.

Here, her students are testing the Pectoralis Major Clavicular. Notice how the test looks like the position of the arms of the mill in the background!

Maria & Goat

As they were walking through the museum park, they passed a goat who was very curious, so the goat joined in on the balancing!
Maria Meinora (left) is a long-time practitioner and instructor.

Mat balances Adam

While attending the Energy Kinesiology Conference in Tampa, Florida, Californians Mat Thie and Adam Lehman traveled across the river for this balance in front of Plant Hall on the campus of the University of Tampa.

The 511-room Tampa Bay Hotel was built in 1891 by transportation magnate Henry Plant. The mixture of styles on the building include Victorian gingerbread with Moorish minarets, domes and cupolas.

Mat continues to travel the world and teach his Five Element Metaphors Class while Adam continues his work with the Kinesiology Awareness Council.

Today, Plant Hall is the main classroom building for the Univ. of Tampa. Each classroom has a different theme of history. Babe Ruth hit the longest homerun in historyplaying at Plant Field in an exhibition game which is now on the UT campus.

High Museum Atlanta

Balancing on Peachtree St. with Atlanta's High Museum of Art in the background.

Louvre Atlanta is an unprecedented partnership between the High Museum of Art and the Musée du Louvre in Paris that will brought hundreds of works of art from the Louvre’s collections to Atlanta. From October 2006 through 2009, the High presented a series of long-term special exhibitions of art from the Louvre built around specific themes and periods. The collaboration also included the exchange of cultural expertise, as well as educational programs, publications, symposia, and films exploring the exhibitions.

Louvre Atlanta Art History

Atlanta has an interesting relationship with France. In 1962, 106 of Atlanta's top art patrons were killed in a plane crash in Paris while on a trip visiting Old World art centers. The Woodruff Art Center was built as a memorial to them. Toulouse, France is also a sister-city to Atlanta.
Cologne, Germany

Marion Hill of Cologne, Germany balances her son, Jeremie, with the majestic Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine River in the background.

The Cologne Cathedral is in the heart of the city literally and
metaphorically. It is the second highest Gothic structure in the world and stands on a flat hill that has been a place of worship since the beginning of the city's history. At one time, it was the tallest building in the world.

It is the home for the golden Shrine of the Three Magi (the Three Wise Men) and many other art treasures. In 1164 the bones of the three Magi were transferred from Milan to Cologne, and a shrine was made to house the relics. The foundation stone for the cathedral was laid on August 15th 1248 and construction was finally completed on the Cologne Cathedral 632 years later in 1880.

Today, the cathedral is surrounded by the life of the city and many Rhine River travelers stop to visit the city center and enjoy the beauty and history of the area, just as millions of people have done for many centuries.

Castles of the Rhine River

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Touch for Health is practiced around the world. Please share with us the beauty of the special places that you love. Please send us your photos with you balancing a friend or stranger with a short description. It may be a well-known landmark or it can be a place that is special just to you. Include link if available. Names are preferred but optional. Your photo(s) will be posted on this web site.

This is an on-going project; there is no deadline for submittals.
Please forward to anyone that may be interested. Thanks!
Periodically, we will send out notices of updates.

Email photos to:

Send us your Balancing the World photos!

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