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eTouch for Health includes: the full content of Touch for Health: The Complete Edition; muscles reference; charts & illustrations; client tracking; session system; reporting and videos of TFH muscle tests and multiple balancing techniques.

Benefits of TFH & eTouch

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Overview of Features

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Apple iOS

eTouch for Health on your iPhone and iPad. Runs under the free App, FileMaker Go. Requires a master copy of eTouch 3.37 on your laptop or desktop for managing files via Apple iTunes.

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Four levels of eTouch workshops have been created to assist you in fully learning the power of the eTouch for Health software. Whether a student just learning TFH, an instructor teaching new students or, you are an experienced practitioner, these workshops were designed for you.

If you would like more guidance or new instructor review and credits, then the VOD series is for you.

eTouch Workshops

VOD Training is Great for when:
  • You want to help family and friends
  • You want to learn as much as possible and as quickly possible about Touch for Health®
  • No instructors are nearby
  • Schedules don’t work for you
  • Budgets are tight
  • You want to be a more-effective instructor or practitioner
  • You want to learn all features of eTouch

Expansion Apps

Expansion Apps add additional techniques to the standard Touch for Health model and to the eTouch software. From leaders of the energy kinesiology world plus special mini-apps by Earl & Gail.

Beginner to advanced

Features of the Expansion Apps

  • Include charts and graphs not found elsewhere
  • EFT contains a session system
  • Apps can run parallel to eTouch with full library of features
  • Apps can be installed into eTouch and appear as available techniques during sessions and in session reporting
EFT       Deal's Basics      Donna Eden       Meridian Dance      eHum


Beginner - Intermediate

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a close cousin to the TFH techniques and is one of the leading techniques used in the field of Energy Psychology. The protocol uses tapping upon Meridian points as a means to overcome anxiety, basic phobias and self-improvement.

Earl Cook created an interactive tutorial for the basic EFT protocol that can also be used as a simple EFT session utility. The EFT Tututorial in eTouch is a basic training tool. The eTouch also associates the tapping points used in EFT with the specific acupuncture meridian points.

Free with eTouch

Deal's Basics menu

Beginner - Intermediate

Meridian Dance with Earl Cook

Earl traces the fourteen meridians in a Tai Chi style dance to music. On-screen directions accompany each meridian.Great for Instructors, students and presenters!

  • Instructional
  • Great tool for kinesthetic learning
  • Super for leading a group balance
  • Self-balancing technique




Deal's Basics menu

Beginner - Intermediate

Energy Medicine 5-Minute Workout with Donna Eden

Whether you want to de-stress, perk up, or just feel more grounded, you’ll find lots of great techniques designed to help with Donna Eden's Energy Medicine.

At the core of Donna's techniques is the 5 Minute Morning Workout. This mini-App can add additional functionality to eTouch and/or serve as a standalone mini-app. Energy Medicine is both a complement to other medical care approaches and a complete system for self-care and self-help.




Deal's Basics menu

Beginner - Advanced

eHum with the Tibetan Monks
by Earl Cook & Gail Cook

A simple and natural technique that is great for use as a quick energizer or as an overall energetic balancer. In this holistic technique, Earl combines childhood experiences and recent research with the ancient mystical traditions of Tibetan Monks.




Deal's Basics menu

Intermediate - Advanced

Dr. Deal's Essential Basics

These five techniques serve as an introduction to Dr. Deal's powerful Ak Shortcuts series. We think this new Expansion App will be a must have item for users of eTouch that have a good understanding of Muscle Testing, Circuit Location/TL and the concept of Indicating. Knowledge of the Pause Lock technique is also beneficial. All of these topics are covered in eTouch.

Dr. Sheldon Deal presents five powerful techniques as an introduction to his popular online training course entitled, AK Shortcuts.




Each level is divided into segments of study that accompany the manuals. There are a total of 38 videos that are associated with the material in the manuals. Each copy of eTouch includes the manuals in PDF for each level. These are included at no charge and you may learn with self-study.

4 Levels
16 Hours
Credits Available

Video-on-Demand Overview

Self study when you do not need credits or instructor feedback on exercises or questions.

$60 per level

Instructor Review when you need feedback and credits.

$175 per level



Level I

The Essential Basics

Become more proficient with eTouch for Health. Conduct a standard TFH 14-Muscle, Goal-Based, Balance-As-You-Go Session. Learn to navigate the functional areas of eTouch and how to quickly access reference information when needed. The dynamic Meridian Wheel and Five Elements of eTouch are introduced in the Session System review.

Register for Video-on-Demand
Level I

eTFH Level 1 VOD + Self Study

eTFH 1 VOD+Review


Level 2

Exploring Session Options

Learn the options available in eTouch to conduct other types of balancing sessions. Create sessions using the concepts of and the One-point Assessment Balance using over-energy detection. Tester Preferences are introduced in this level. Learn to set preferences that reflect the way you like to use the software. Practitioners will become more proficient with the tool and more effective as a TFH practitioner.

Level 2

eTFH Level 2 VOD + Self Study

eTFH 2 VOD+Review

Level 3

Client Management & Advanced Techniques

Use eTouch as a practitioner tool and examine client management and personal reports in more detail. Learn to use the advanced techniques of the dynamic eTouch Priority System and the integrated and dynamic Five-Element Metaphors as the balancing technique.

Level 3
eTFH Level 3 VOD + Self Study eTFH 3 VOD+Review

Level 4

Project and Share eTouch in a Classroom or Presentation

In this workshop, you will focus on the options for displaying eTouch for either a small group, a classroom or conference presentation. Basic technical aspects of computers (memory, screen resolution, wireless vs. wired) will also be presented so that you will understand some of the basics of using eTouch in a variety of environments.

Level 4
eTFH Level 4 VOD + Self Study eTFH 4 VOD+Review

Levels 1-4

Purchase all four levels at once for an additional discount. Each level may be activated individually when ready. Levels 1-4



eTFH 1 VOD+Review


eTouch 3.37 Upgrade

If you own eTouch for Health version 3.0, you can purchase an upgrade to version 3.37 at the upgrade price of 50% of retail price ($60 USD). We must have your purchase of version 3.0 on record to qualify for this upgrade. Once we verify you in our records, we will then send a download link for you to upgrade.

Note: eTouch versions 1.x and 2.x require a full purchase of eTouch for Health.

Upgrade DL


eTouch 3.33 Win DL + DVD