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*The eTFH Portal is your utility for accessing the online videos. This is inlcuded with Level 1. The Portal is specific to your computer platform. Once you install the portal, your eTFH student/Portal ID is created. An email with your code is generated. We use that to provide you with Access Codes to each level purchased.

You have 90 days to access the videos from the date that you activate a class (not your purchase date). So, wait to activate classes only when you are ready to view. While videos are active via the Cloud, the quality is determined by the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection. Most connnections will work with no problems.

Training videos guide you step-by-step through the workshops. You can purchase each workshop individuallly or all four in a combo package. Each level is four hours and you can view at your convenience 365/24/7. Level 1 is required. Choose your platform below for Level 1.
VOD Self Study 1-4 VOD/Review /Certificate 1-4
Windows Level 1

Windows Level 1

Mac Level 1

Mac Level 1

iOS Level 1

iOS Level 1

Level 1 and the eTFH portal*
VOD Self Study VOD + Review & Certificate

Windows Level 1

Mac OS X

Mac Level 1


iOS Level 1

VOD Self Study VOD + Review & Certificate
Windows Mac Windows Mac
Level 2

Level 2 Level 2

Level 2
Level 3

Level 3 Level 3

Level 3
Level 4

Level 4 Level 4

Level 4



+ Level 2 - Exploring Session Options

+ Level 3 - Client Management & Advanced Techniques

+ Level 4 - Displaying & Presenting eTouch for Health

These four-hour workshops focus on the use of the eTouch for Health software as an educational, practitioner, presentation and research tool. Key techniques of TFH and how these are implemented in the eTouch software are demonstrated. Workshop exercises use eTouch during partner balances, so that relevant hands-on experience is also gained.

  • Each Level is four-hours in length with a combination of instructional videos, exercises and quizzes. There are 38 videos.
  • Workshops are broken into ‘manageable’ chunks of topics and videos range from five minutes to 25 minutes. Most are 15 minutes.
  • Workshop videos follow the eTFH workshop manuals which are free in PDF and printed copies are available for purchase.
  • If seeking credits: examples of exercises, quizzes and evaluations must be submitted using modifiable PDFs (provided).
  • Video-on-Demand access is via the eTouch Self-Study Portal.
  • VOD access is for 90 days from the time the workshop is activated. They can be purchased and then activated later when you are ready.
  • For credits, all exercises must be fully completed and submitted for review by the instructor.
  • For credits, quizzes must be completed and a minimum score of 70 out of 100 scored. Three chances are provided per purchased review.
  • Video access is available worldwide via the Internet. Your connection type and throughput will determine quality.
  • Upon your purchase of one or more of the VOD levels, you will be sent a copy of the eTouch for Health Self-Study Portal. Once that is installed, your student ID will be created. When we receive that, we will provide activating codes for all workshop levels purchased.
  • Instructor reviews are normally within 24-72 hours after submittal with weekends and holidays excluded and is purchased separately.

Instructor Update Conditions

  • In the United States and Australia, the eTouch for Health Level 1-4 Workshops can be used as an Instructor Update if the following conditions are met:

    1. Instructor has attended the Instructor Training Workshop and initial Update by the Faculty
    2. Instructor is currently updated but needing update
    3. Instructor has taught a minimum of five students in the past three years
    4. Faculty is aware that the Instructor is using the eTFH 1-4 workshops as
      their method of updating and approves
    5. Instructor may use one of the following options:
      • Instructor led workshops 1-4
      • Self-Study 1-4 using manuals with Instructor Review
      • Self-study using Video-on-Demand 1-4 with Instructor Review



eTouch for Health Workshop Overviews


eTFH Level I - The Essential Basics

Length: 4 Hoursequisites: Basic knowledge of Touch for Health

Recommended: Complete the eTouch for Health Level I Tutorial, read Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, pp.16-65 and 335-336.

Level 1 - Become more proficient with eTouch for Health. Conduct a standard TFH 14-Muscle, Goal-Based, Balance-As-You-Go Session. Learn to navigate the functional areas of eTouch and, importantly, how to quickly access reference information when needed. The dynamic Meridian Wheel and Five Elements of eTouch are introduced in the Session System review.


eTFH Level 2 - Exploring Session Options

Length: 4 Hours
Prerequisites: Touch for Health Level 1

Recommended: Complete the eTouch for Health Level 2 & 3 Tutorial, read Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, pp. 232-243; 70; 303-306; 326-331.

Level 2 - Learn the options available in eTouch to conduct other types of balancing sessions. Create sessions using the concepts of and the One-point Assessment Balance using over-energy detection. Tester Preferences are introduced in this level. Learn to set preferences that reflect the way you like to use the software. Practitioners will become more proficient with the tool and more effective as a TFH practitioner.


eTFH Level 3 - Client Management & Advanced Techniques

Length: 4 Hours
Prerequisites: eTouch for Health Levels 1 & 2

Recommended: Complete the eTouch for Health Level 3 Tutorial, read Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, pp. 66; 315-325; 338-339.

Level 3 - Use eTouch as a practitioner tool and examine client management and personal reports in more detail. Learn to use the advanced techniques of the dynamic eTouch Priority System and the integrated and dynamic Five-Element Metaphors as the balancing technique.


eTFH Level 4 - Presenting eTouch in a Classroom or Presentation Environment

Length: 4 Hours
Prerequisites: eTouch for Health Levels 1, 2 & 3

Level 4 - In this workshop, you will focus on the options for displaying eTouch for either a small group, a classroom or conference presentation. Basic technical aspects of computers (memory, screen resolution, wireless vs. wired) will also be presented so that you will understand some of the basics of using eTouch in a variety of environments..

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