Touch for Health uses the muscle test as a biofeedback tool to assess the state of energy in the acupuncture meridian system and provides a variety of techniques for balancing this energy for reducing pain and stress while enhancing balance and wellness.

Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology Software and Training

eTouch for Health software

eTouch for Health

Energy kinesiology software that runs on Windows, Mac and iOS. Launched in 2003, it is now being used in homes, clinics, spas and schools in over 85 countries. Used both by students of Touch for Health and their Instructors. Professional Practitioners and Lay People use eTouch to help themselves and those around them live more healthy and fulfilling lives with reduced pain and stress.


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Touch for Health training

Energy Kinesiology Training

Touch for Health (TFH) levels 1-4 hands-on workshops and eTouch for Health (eTFH) software instruction. TFH is taught in instructor-led workshops while self-study, instructor-led and Video-on-Demand are used for eTFH training. CE's and PDA's available for Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists and Registered Nurses (in most states). We teach this popular TFH series twice annually.


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Expansion Mini-Apps

Expansion Mini-Apps

These software apps work in conjunction with eTouch providing additional advanced techniques related to Touch for Health and Energy Kinesiology. The Expansion Apps are from leaders in the Energy Kinesiology field such as Dr. Sheldon Deal and Donna Eden. Additional apps are from eTouch developers, Earl & Gail Cook. This apps can parrallel with eTouch and installed into eTouch.


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Interactive Tree of Touch for Health

Interactive Tree of TFH

The Interactive Tree of Touch for Health is a clickable menu for accessing many related modalities that are built upon Touch for Health or have grown parallel to the TFH model. Many of the TFH organizations around the world are also linked from the Interactive Tree. At the base of the tree are the founding pioneers and principles of TFH/AK/EK with links to historical recaps.


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Balancing the World with Touch for Health

Balancing the World

Touch for Health can be practiced almost anywhere and at any time. Balancing the World is a Photolog of people from around the world conducting a TFH in front of natural and manmade monuments of the World. Atlanta - NYC - Mongolia - Spain - New Zealand - Germany - Canada - France - Morroco - China - Venezuela - Russia and more. Send us your photo!


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Touch for Health Wellness Chart

TFH Wellness Chart

Touch for Health is an alternative and complementary model of wellness and healthcare. Importantly, it is non-diagnostic model and not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or serious conditions. TFH is focused on the many everyday issues of our life that focus on Wellness, Personal Growth, Health Maintenance, Prevention, Stress Relief and Pain Control.


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YouTube Overview of eTouch for Health

Video Tour of eTouch
on YouTube

One minute tour of eTouch for Health.



Remembering Dr. John Thie

Dr. John Thie

Dr. John Thie was the author of Touch for Health and founder of the Touch for Health modality.


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Touch for Health events are held around the world.


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eTouch for Health

eTouch is a complete system for learning, teaching and practicing Touch for Health. There are three primary references: the content of Touch for Health - the complete edition by John Thie and Matthew Thie in a searchable reference; complete TFH muscle reference with movies of the muscles tests and balancing techinques; and the charts and illustrations section is a digital reference of the primary wall charts and illustrations from the book. Personal records are combined with a powerful session system that allows recording of results and production of sophisticated reports.


Bubbles and the Five Elements is an advanced and powerful standalone app. It includes muscle tests, meridians, common energy kinesiology balancing techniques and advanced recording of testing by element, meridian or muscle. It is primarily a graphically-based UI and has basic information in seven languages. The app does not contain content nor storage for personal and session records.

Dr. Deal’s Essential Basics

Dr. Sheldon Deal, one of the pioneers in the energy kinesiology field, presents five advanced techniques in this Expansion App. These techniques serve as an introduction to his popular online training course entitled, AK Shortcuts.

Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Dona Eden, author and innovator of Energy Medicine, presents her Daily Energy Routine techniques in this Expansion App. Whether you want to de-stress, perk up, or just feel more grounded, you’ll find lots of great techniques designed to help you get ready for the day ahead.

Muscle Dance

Earl traces the fourteen meridians in a Tai Chi style dance to music. On-screen directions accompany each meridian. Great for Instructors, students and presenters!

Meridan Dance

The fourteen muscle tests performed in a continuous slow moving dance to waltz music. Great for learning the muscles tests in the Meridian order. Helpful for Instructors and Students!

eHum with Tibetan Monks

This app is based on a technique discovered by Earl Cook. It can be used as a powerful full-body one-point balancing technique or used to balance individual muscles. Features Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Loesling Monastery, Atlanta, Georgia.

Interactive Brain

Library of illustrations of the Brain and systems created by Earl

Plantar Technique

This is a simple testing and balancing technique discovered by Earl Cook. The plantars are activated whenever we are standing, walking running, jumping or simply maintaining balance. Weak plantars can cause other muscle groups to compensate for them.

Touch for Health and eTouch for Health are not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. For all life-threatening issues and continuing or worsening symptoms, always seek professional health care.

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