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eTip-023 – Interactive Pulse Check

In Touch for Health, we have two primary methods used to evaluate over energy: Pulse Check and the Alarm Points techniques. The results of the over-energy check are then used for evaluating the energetic patterns that our testing has indicated. In eTouch for Health, we have automated this process so that when you record your over-energy meridian, eTouch automatically shows you the energetic patterns using the Five Elements and the Meridian Wheel. Plus, both energetic pattern types are available so that you can click between the two for comparison of patterns. This assists you with performing more effective balances and is a real time saver. In this eTip, we use the eTouch Interactive Pulse Check screen for recording the over-energy meridian.

You can access the Interactive Pulse Check either from the Charts Menu or from an open active Session.
First, we will use the Charts Menu and later from a Session.



  • Click on the Charts Button on the Main Menu of eTouch




The Charts Menu will be displayed as shown below.

eTouch 3 Main Menu

Charts eTouch 3

eTouch 2 Main MenuMain Menu Muscles button

Charts Menu
  • Click the Pulse Check graphic or text as indicated above.

The Interactive Pulse Check is displayed.

Pulse Check

In our exercise, the Pulse Check indicated that the Stomach (ST) meridian had over energy.

• Click ST (for Stomach) in the Earth Element on the eTouch Pulse Check screen.

Select Over Energy

Note that after clicking in the
over-energy meridian, a blue dot is displayed next to the meridian as shown on right.

There are now graphics displayed under Acupressure Holding Points as shown below. The Sedation points are shown for the over energy Meridian. You may use those points to sedate that Meridian.

Remember to never sedate the Heart Meridian. Strengthen the small intestine instead.

Select Over Energy

Note: The Acupressure Holding Points for the Stomach are displayed after selecting the over-energy meridian.

Pulse Check with Over Energy

To display the energetic patterns, however, you need to be in Sessions. After testing and entering the muscle testing results and over energy, eTouch automatically determines and displays the energetic patterns. These patterns are displayed on both the Meridian Wheel and Five Elements screens. You can click between the two models to compare the patterns. This allows you to easily determine which pattern model, the Meridian Wheel or the Five Elements, is most suitable for the balance. This is a powerful and significant time-saving feature!!

  • Enter your muscle testing results in an open Session



  • Click Pulse Check on techniques bar on right

  • After performing Pulse Check, click on over-energy meridian indicated on Pulse Check screen as we did above.

  • Click on the Wheel icon on right

Sessions menu

Your results should show a different pattern. Again, the Blue Dot indicates over energy.

Meridian Wheel

Patterns displayed above. In our example, we have a "Beaver Dam" shown by Red Dot. We also have a "Triangle" and a "Square" shown. There is a "Spoke", however, we do not have the option selected to display the "Blue Spokes".
To select which options to display, simply click to the left of the pattern in the Display window on the right on the Wheel. Note: You can also toggle the Time of Day and Display tests.
In our example, the Spleen Meridian is the first under-energy Meridian after the over energy in Stomach. The Beaver Dam is shown by the Red Dot. You can select the meridians in the window shown on right. Here, we have selected the Spleen. The muscles on the Spleen Meridian are shown. When clicking on a muscle it will display the muscle test and the Spinal Reflex for that muscle.

Clicking on the Test Log button or Test Log icon will take you to the active muscle in the Test Log.

To see patterns in the Five Elements, click the Five Elements icon, middle, left on menu bar.

Here are the patterns displayed on the Five Elements Screen. Again over energy is indicated by a Blue Dot. White circles indicate that there was a muscle inhibited in that meridian.

Five Elements Patterns
Refer to the Reference Section of eTouch for Health for a full overview of the Pulse Check technique. Reference Button

Reference Section


From a Session to go to the Interactive Pulse Check, you click the Yellow Pulse Check button at the bottom of the technique List from the Test Log as shown on right.

The only difference is that when you click a Meridian, the blue dot displays within the Meridian circle. (See black arrow on graphic below.) Also, the Meridian will be marked on all of the Test recording pages.

eTouch 3 Session Menu
Sessions menu

eTouch 2 Session Menu
Pulse Check Session

Pulse Check Session

(Pulse Check button is also available from the other Test recording pages as well.)

Note: You must be in a Session to have the Five Elements and The Wheel automatically updated.

  • Click on either The Wheel Icon or The Five Elements Icon
    (See red arrows on right. )

The over-energy meridian will now be marked on these screens.



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