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eTip - 010
Customize your Informed Consent Client Agreement through Tester Options

NOTE: Have your agreement reviewed by a professional legal representative in your area.
To customize the Informed Consent Client Agreement for each tester

There are many preferences that can be set to customize the defaults for a particular tester. One of these is the ability to have an Informed Consent Agreement Customized to meet the tester's unique qualifications and training. There are two major parts of the agreement. There is general information that is standard in all tester's agreement: their name; address; phone number; etc. However, the testers personal information will be used only on the agreements they use with the people they test and balance.

Login Tester

Click green Login button.

Enter the Tester's password.


Tester Login

(If the person is not set as a tester follow directions below.)

A person is designated a tester when the tester flag is set to yes in their personal record. Usually this is done at the time a new personal record is created. However, it can be set at any time on the Summary Screen in the personal record. Once a person is set as a tester their name will appear in the Tester pop menu during login.

To designate a Tester, simply set the Tester box to 'Yes'. This is located on your personal record summary just after your last name

.Set tester

Go to the Personal Record of the Tester from Main Menu

Click the People button


Click the
Tester Options button

Tester Options

Located in the top right of the menu bar. If this button is not shown, make sure you have set the tester flag as shown above #1.

The Tester Options screen looks like this below.

Tester Options Screen

You will see on this screen that the Tester has many preferences that can be set to customize the way that eTouch works for them. In this tip, we are modifying the Personal Agreement to match the Tester's unique set of qualifications, training and experience.

In tip 11, you learn to modify the general areas of the agreement (address, phone, TFH theory, etc).

Click the green Modify Tester Information button

View Agreement

An editable screen, as shown below, displays your agreement with your own information. You can enter your qualifications, education and experience, etc. You can update your information here at anytime.

Modifiy Agreement
Click the yellow View/Print Agreement button

After you have entered your information, you can preview what your agreement will look like and how it will print.
View Agreement
You can proof your changes and print when complete.


Note: The general information, address, phone, etc. is changed through Admin.

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