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Touch for Health Tree

While preparing for the 2006 TFHKA conference, we thought a lot about Dr. John Thie and wondered of ways to illustrate his influence upon the world. Jim Reid's TFH Synthesis Tree from the mid-1990's showed many of the offshoots that Dr. Thie inspired and is a great way to visually grasp the number and variety of the many offshoots. We decided to update Jim Reid's tree and make it interactive. You can now visit the tree to explore and learn about people and techniques that you may or may not have heard about over the past 35 years of TFH and kinesiology by clicking the many links. The Touch for Health Interactive Tree is now on the web and is 'live'.




Dr. John Thie

Dr. John Thie

John Thie, founder and author of Touch for Health started one of the most successful holistic healthcare models in the world. As a student, visionary, leader, and chiropractor, John poured his soul and energy into each and every areaof his life and achieved wonderful results and success.

Many know of his accomplishments in Touch for Health, however, they not about other areas of his life. As a college student leader, Thie was President of the student body. As a leader in his chiropractic profession, he was voted Doctor of the Year by his local professional group after only his 3rd year of practice. The next year, he became president of the organization. After meeting and seeing Dr. George Goodheart's presentation on Applied Kinesiology the first time, John Thie became a visionary and leader in the field and eventually he formed the International College of Applied Kinesiology and became its Founding Chairman and trained professionals around the world.




George Goodheart, Jr., D.C.

George Goodheart, Jr, discovered Applied Kinesiology and the link between the muscle test and the energetic meridian system. Goodheart made his first discoveries in 1964 in the Michigan Building in Detroit. He then guided a group of about a dozen other innovators as they continued the paths of discovery that would become known as Applied Kinesiology (AK) which is now used around the world by Chiropractors, Physicians and other healthcare professionals. AK spurred many other energy kinesiology models with Touch for Health becoming one of the most popular and wide-spread among laypeople.

Goodheart first fought the battles of being an innovator as a Chiropractor during the years of un-acceptance of the profession. He later became the first chiropractor to work on the U.S. Olympic Team. In 2001, Goodheart was placed onto Time's List of the 100 Top Innovators of the 21st Century.



Hamilton (Hap)
& Elizabeth Barhydt


In 1980 Hap and Elizabeth co-founded Loving Life, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to research and teaching in touch healing. They were both Life members and Instructors of TFHKA. Hap and Elizabeth served as Faculty members in 1990. Hap wrote many articles and formatted and edited the TFH journals for many years.

Together they studied TFH, Educational Kinesiology, Applied Physiology and PKP. Several of their articles were published in Italian, French and Spanish Journals. They taught self-help techniques in thirteen countries, including Russia. They lived in a motor home for seven years sharing their knowledge, caring and self-help techniques with many.



Sheldon deal

Sheldon Deal, DC, ND


Dr. Sheldon Deal is a Chiropractor and Naturopath. He first became interested in Kinesiology when he met Dr. George Goodheart in 1970. He was later asked to be one of Dr. Goodheart's Study Group Leaders and was one of the original group of physicians who later became known as the "dirty dozen". This group went on to form the nucleus of the International College of Applied Kinesiology - (ICAK).

Throughout his career, Sheldon has worked closely with Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. Thie. John Thie was the ICAK's founding Chairman in 1972 and served until 1976. Dr. Deal served as Chairman of the College from 1978 to 1983. Today, Sheldon serves as President of the ICAK Board of Examiners and the Technical Advisor to the Association of Specialized Kinesiology (ASK)



Gordon Stokes



Toni LIley

Toni Liley

Toni Lilley is Chancellor of the International Kinesiology College and co-founder, with Greg Gralton, of the The Kinesiology Academy located in Nambour, Queensland, Australia. This school is an Australian-government recognized training program and offers a Certificate IV in Kinesiology and Diploma of Kinesiology. Toni is also well-known for authoring the Touch for Health I & II training guides that are used around the world in Touch for Health training. She is also the author of the Perceptive Vision and Kinesiology for Kids, Eat Right! Live Right!

Toni started in kinesiology in 1983. She was appointed Faculty of the Touch for Health Foundation in 1987 and of the International Kinesiology College (IKC) in 1990. In 1994 she became the inaugural Dean of the IKC's Touch for Health School, a position which she held for many years.



Jim Reid

Jim Reid

Jim Reid, D.Min, ND is best known for the Time of Day balance he discovered while balancing Dr. John Thie in 1987. Jim is one of the early adopters and promoters of Touch for Health. He used what he termed, "Christian Kinesiology", when serving as a chaplain for the Las Vegas Strip entertainers. He once said, "The Time of Day Balance worked great for this group because they didn't have a long time to spend getting balanced and their unusual schedules were always a challenge!"

Jim is the founder of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiology (IASK) and served as its president for many years. He is the author of two books, "Praising God on the Las Vegas Strip" and "Born Again, Again and Again... a Bible-based view of Reincarnation". Jim is known to many, particularly the students of John Thie, as the creator of the Touch for Health Synthesis Tree showing the roots of energy kinesiology and the many new offshoots that it inspired.



Jan Cole

Jan Cole

A model of volunteering, Jan served as President of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association for four years and served on the TFHKA Board of Directors for seven years. She has also volunteered in numerous positions associated with conference planning and newsletter production (editor, writer and layout). Jan also served as the President of the Colorado Holistic Health Network from 1981-83.

Jan's comprehensive training in wellness, nutrition and wholistic health training began in 1974 and includes: acupressure; diet and nutrition; relaxation and stress reduction techniques; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Body Electronics; Polarity Therapy; Metamorphosis; Feldenkrais Method; Ayurvedic health; Body Centered Psychotherapy with Ron Kurtz; Reiki and others. She has over 2000 hours as a Specialized Kinesiologist; certified as a Touch for Health instructor in 1977.




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