Touch for Health Research Code of Conduct

What are my responsibilities as a Researcher?

The first step into the formal research of Touch for Health was the building of the TFH Online Research Database. The purpose of the database is to serve as a central repository of session results from participating research subjects around the world. We need your participation in building the database so that it is reflective of the results that occur in many different areas. This collection of results will serve as the raw data from which more formal scientific research can be done into the outcomes produced by Touch for Health Kinesiology. No personal information is being collected beyond the gender and age of the subject at the time of the session.

As a TFH Research Participant, you Agree to:

1. Have an informed consent agreement with the subject (provided in the Gateway) that states that they are a willing participant and that they know that your are submitting the results of their session(s) to the web-based research database.

2. Provide accurate, unbiased and complete results for the balancing sessions that you submit.

3. You must ensure that you remove any personal references in your comments before they are submitted to the online database.

4. Paper copies of session reports should be printed and filed for all sessions that are submitted to the online research database. These should be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

5. It is possible that a researcher in the future may want to contact you and/or the subject to verify techniques, results and outcomes. We ask that researchers make themselves reasonably available through either mail, telephone or E-mail in these situations.

6. If a researcher decides not to participate in the future, but has submitted sessions, we would ask that copies of agreements with the subject be sent to the research project office.

7. We hope that the research database becomes a place for the exchange of ideas and questions of techniques, so we hope that you become an active online member in these discussions.