Nominations Received for TFH Tree

Updated December 29, 2018

  Innovator Name Modality/Organization
1. Kenichi Ishamaru Zen Kinesiology
2. Adam Lehman *Holigraphic Touch for Health (additional modality)
3. Ian Stubbings SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System)
4. Dee Martin Intro to Touch for Health Webinar
5. Renate Wennekes Developmental Kinesiology
6. Alexis Costello GEMS Kinesiology
7. Carl A. Ferreri D.C. PhC. Neural Organization Technique
8. Mitchell Corwin D.C. Neural Organization Work (N.O.W.)
9. Brendan Rohan Sky Flowers
10. Kerryn Sedgman Sacred Kinesiology
11. Robbi Zeck Aromatic Kinesiolgy
12. Dominique Monette Corps Energie
13. Carrie Jost Creative Kinesiology
14. Margaret Fields Kean God's Priority Indicator Results System (formerly The Results System)
15. Larry Green Kinesiology for Horses
16. Larry Green Kinesiology for Animals
17. Bonnie Epstein Conscious Kinesiology
18. Dr. Victor Frank (deceased) Total Body Modification
19. Michelle Greenwell Qi YINtegration
20. Natascha Polomski Frequency Kinesiology
21. Denise Cambiotti and Heather Phillips Muscle Tuners International
22. Sylvia Marina Transforming DNA Memories
23. Scott Cuthbert, DC Applied Kinesiology Research
24. Walter H. (Wally) Schmitt, DC Quintessential Applications; Injury Recall Technique

Nominations were Closed Dec. 31, 2018