and the Five Elements

Coming Soon!!


We introduced Bubbles and the Five Elements to the attendees of the TFHKA conference in Salt Lake City. Earl also demonstrated the capabilities of Bubbles by giving energetic balances to those interested. Amazingly, he was able to conduct over a dozen powerful demonstration balances in a little over 90 minutes!

Some people ask, "What's the difference between eTouch and Bubbles?" If you are learning, teaching or practicing Touch for Health (TFH) with clients, eTouch is for you. If you already know TFH and you need a powerful and mobile tool without the extensive content and explanations available within eTouch, then Bubbles is for you. Bubbles is meant to be lightweight and flexible with minimalist graphics, few words and optimal advancements. If you want a powerful tool with only references for points and cloud-based muscle tests, then Bubbles is for you!

Note: version 1.0 of Bubbles is optimized for the iPhone and iPad. It will run on Windows and Mac, however, all the screens and interface are designed for the mobile devices with their smaller screen sizes.

While powerful, Bubbles and the Five Elements is not used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. For all serious and life-threatening issues or with continuing or worsening conditions, seek professional health care.