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Tech Note-001


Installation takes too long on Windows (longer than 10 minutes)
Problems running eTouch in low memory situations on Windows

Once the Setup.exe file is started from the eTouch for Health CD, the Install screen should appear in seconds, or within 10 minutes at the longest, depending upon the speed of your computer. eTouch requires a minimum of 256 MB of internal memory and 200 MB of disk space for an installation without the videos, and 500 MB of disk space if you perform the standard installation and use the digital videos.

If you meet these specifications and are still experiencing problems, then you may have other programs running or background processes in operation that are using the computer's memory and processor. This Technical Tip tells how to check some of these things on your Windows computer.

Windows XP _X_ Windows NT _X_ Windows ME _X_ Windows 2000 _X_ Windows 98 _X_ Windows 95 _X_ Mac OS X ___ Mac OS 9.x

Tech Note-002

Problem Report for eTouch for Health Version 1.0

TFH eCharts

Tech Note-003

Prints incorrect meridian from the Spleen meridian page when using 1000 resolution setting

All Windows Version 1.0. Version 1.1 not affected.
All CDs that were registered or purchased from us received a free replacement CD.
Mac OS X not affected.

Tech Note-004
Location of K 3 Acupressure Point for Kidney Meridian labeled as K 5

All Versions 1.0 and 1.1.

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