Touch for Health Wall Charts
Available as plastic laminated wall charts or on interactive CD-ROM (TFH eCharts).   Order details below.

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Reference Chart

Colorful wall chart serves as a Touch for Health at a glance reference. It is fully color coded with balancing techniques, test points, strengthening points, muscle guide, nutrition information and easy to read reference to the Touch for Health manual. It is an attractive, convenient and valuable time-saving tool to facilitate the use of Touch for Health. A must for all professional practitioners
Laminated, 43" x 29".



Meridian Acupuncture Reference Chart

Acupuncture points are clearly illustrated following traditional oriental design.  Information needed to use with TFH/Kinesiology, Meridian Therapy, and Acupuncture practitioners.
Laminated, 35" x 24".





Midday/Midnight Law & 5 Elements

Contains full-color illustrations of the meridian energy pathway in a 24-hour cycle, plus the seasonal/life cycle energy flows according to the Law of the Five Elements.
Laminated, 32" x 24".





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Handy Assessment

Two-sided chart with Midday/Midnight Law and the Law of Five Elements and 111 Five Elements, Organ Function and Muscle Metaphor questions are on the reverse side.
Laminated 11" x 17"



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Handy Assessment

(TFH wall charts on interactive CD)

Charts Include:

TFH Reference Chart
TFH Midday/Midnight Law & 5 Elements
TFH Assessment/Metaphors Chart
TFH Meridian Acupuncture Reference

Perfect for Trainers, Instructors & Presenters
Print the charts! Great for class handouts
Interactivity links charts together
Excellent reference for Practitioners


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Reference Chart

Meridian Acupuncture Reference

Midday/Midnight Law & 5 Elements

Handy Assessment Chart

Order Touch for Health eCharts $49.95
(all of the wall charts on interactive CD)

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