eTouch for Health

These pages have been created to give web exposure to leaders of energy kinesiology.


Sisters Mary McGlone (right) and Sheila McGinnis

The seeds for the Center for Human Integration (CHI) were planted by Dr. John Thie in 1978. Sr. Mary Em McGlone, attended a Holistic Health conference in Washington, DC, where John was presenting Touch For Health. Persons, some of whom had been in pain for years, were relieved of their pain within minutes. Most convincing was the fact that John showed us that we could do what he was doing. Within a few weeks Sr. Mary Em took the TFH course and the Instructors' Training Program. She began teaching the Sisters in her community, Medical Mission Sisters, and then opened it to the public. Sr. Sheila McGinnis was in her first class, and is still active in practicing and teaching TFH. Eventually, further courses and client services were added, and a state-licensed school of Integrative Body/Mind Therapies was established. Instructors and students came from all parts of the US, and from other countries as well. It was always special for us that Dr. John came to teach at CHI several times. We have always been grateful for his role in the development of our center.



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